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Case study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 10

Case study - Essay Example 5. The initial cause was the launching of the diversity program without a clear definition among managers as well as employees. The problem worsened when it was left to employees and facilitators, rather than management, to define what they thought diversity was. The effect was that the rules probably went beyond what management initially expected. Naylor (1999) mentioned that the underlying value in American culture is the freedom to one’s beliefs. These would include unpopular beliefs that work against diversity. A seminar and training at the workplace may not be enough to change these beliefs, leading to a hidden resentment in some workers. 6. Alliant operates in an industry that is high-tech, requiring constant innovation, creativity, and fresh ideas. An organization that can come up with technical advances first, operate more efficiently, and provide reliable service at the safest and cheapest way possible, will be differentiated from its competitors. But if the company puts priority on diversity before its need to find the best technical materials and people, efficiency and safety may suffer. 7. Diversity in the workforce provides a greater source of creative ideas and knowledge of customers; it therefore creates competitive advantages for the organization. Diversity among suppliers may lower costs and improve sources of materials as suppliers compete with each other. But Alliant wants people to accept diversity at a personal level. At this level, accepting any belief is a personal choice, so the company’s efforts may be interfering with personal freedoms beyond what the work demands. 8. The company must set a boundary so that diversity in the workplace is attained without interfering with personal prerogatives. Attitudinal change deals with deeply rooted ideas about race, gender, ethnicity, religion, and class, which people were raised with (Healey, 2005). The company

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Should There Be An Intro In A College Essay?

Should There Be An Intro In A College Essay?Should there be an intro in a college essay? It depends on what you're trying to get across, of course. To write an excellent essay is the only way to be able to get a good grade, but in addition, to get an excellent grade you need to be able to make your readers understand what they are reading.A good essay requires having a hook in order to keep the reader's attention, and to this end there should be an intro to the rest of the piece. Yes, an intro can be tacked onto the end of a long essay; however, it shouldn't be. Intro's that are attached are simply unnecessary clutter. In fact, they are detrimental to the content of the essay and may not even be read.You don't want to be writing an essay for college, so why do you put a tag line or author information at the beginning of your essay? Why? Because nobody will read it except the person who wrote it, so why not leave your reader wanting more?When you begin writing a college essay, you wan t to have some specific topics covered in depth. The first thing that needs to be mentioned in an essay is the topic, and then the main body of the text should be relevant to the topic. Now, if you don't have any background information to work with, then you need to introduce yourself by stating your name, your affiliation, and perhaps a little bit about what you hope to get out of the essay.The best type of college essay should include something of substance within the first paragraph. If the purpose of the essay is to get a student the highest grades possible, then that is not enough to get them interested in the idea of giving it their all. The first paragraph must have a hook to grab the reader's attention. It should include a single idea that ties everything together, and it should be interesting and enjoyable.In addition to an intro, and the topic of the college essay, another tool you can use to help you create your essay is humor. If the topic isn't interesting, then try to add a few bits of humor to brighten things up a bit. Humor is the best way to set things straight, so if you are unsure how to create a well thought out essay, just follow the example of the comic strip: a good or bad joke can change the entire meaning of a thought.Should there be an intro in a college essay? I don't think so, but a great example would be John C. Thoreau's 'The Advantages of Experience'.

Journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 13

Journal - Essay Example Its own history has combined these factors to produce the present generation of poverty, nonexistent infrastructure and an inefficient state that cannot handle natural disasters in the most basic ways. From these points, I believe the Haitian people are falsely portrayed by the media as the world’s most resilient. They are poor, but we are told they do not complain. They are directly in the path of the region’s earthquakes and hurricanes, but we are told they survive. The truth is that the people of Haiti are suffering from the lack of vision, policy and strategy by its political leaders. Under the 18th century French rule, Haiti was among the French empire’s richest islands, exporting over 60 and 40 percent of the coffee and sugar, respectively, which Europe consumed. It does not matter that the close to one million African slaves that worked to produce the wealth did not have a share in it, but it remains that the wealth was there. I see the downfall of Haiti starting from the revolution that earned it independence. They were free, but the leaders destroyed its plantations and infrastructure. Their former French colonists contributed to the calamities of the new nation by demanding 150 million francs in order to grant them diplomatic recognition. That was already too costly for the country, even without considering half of it that was later demanded in 1830. The present-day Haitians are in difficult times, but I concur that they are only victims of historical circumstances. France has been wringing reparations for more than a century from the country until 1 947, forcing it to take loans from foreign banks at inflated interests. To finance the loans, 80 percent of Haiti’s national budget was being paid out to the foreign banks by 1900. From then, the modern breed of leaders started giving up on servicing the repatriations or solving the problems in Haiti, and instead shifted their focus to looting for personal

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The Confidential Secrets of What Kind of Question when Writing a Essay

The Confidential Secrets of What Kind of Question when Writing a Essay The very best approach to GRE essay writing is therefore a structured plan which devotes a little block of time to every part of the writing. For college students, writing a cause and effect essay does require a good deal of thought and a particular level of research skill, however, it doesn't need to be a tricky undertaking. You organize the essay by describing different components or aspects of the principal subject. Each and each time you've got an English essay writing project, you're welcome to get in touch with us and we're going to assist you. If you wish to know much better look at the examples bellow. How to Write an Essay is likely to make life simpler for you. The expression isn't only restricted to human implementation. At times you can even begin with a definition. Since most individuals spend a significant part of their adult life on the job, job satisfaction is a significant element of individual wellbeing. Nevertheless the tricky work should not block you from writing. You have an outstanding chance to check your writing skills. A couple of students may become so anxious about an assignment they find themselves not able to write anything. The standard of an essay introduction often determines whether the essay becomes read in the very first spot. Nonetheless, the emphasis should remain straightforward and explicit. You think of an argument. Unfortunately, a great essay does. Becoming in a position to compose a great essay is an important skill to master if you would like to succeed at university. Instead, write an intriguing essay, write an essay you believe is fascinating. There are over a dozen kinds of essays, therefore it's easy to become confused. Many assignments have to be written in the shape of an essay. One of the means in which you'll be evaluated on your Writing tasks is the way well your essays are organized. The Fight Against What Kind of Question when Writing a Essay Each portion of the essay exerts a specific function in its general structure. You want to provide a careful definition of the main term before going on to explore various types or examples. The last area of the essay question is the wording that lets you know the region of the subject matter to concentrate on. At times the question may ask your stance for an argument then ask you to write about an extra question. What Kind of Question when Writing a Essay Help! Essays are extremely personalized. Essay writing is so crucial, so here is what you can do to assist your son or daughter write amazing ones! Philosophical writing differs from the writing you will be reques ted to do in different courses. Looking for an excellent essay writer isn't a problem we have a group of enthusiastic and skilled writers for you! Before you begin, it's important to comprehend what kind of essay you need to write. An essay is an ongoing bit of writing which enables students to supply their response to the question determined by the logical presentation of academic arguments. So long as you know what a very first person persuasive essay should read like you're on the appropriate track. The author is therefore anticipated to connect distinctive facts to develop a logical conclusion. In order to be noticed, it's important to understand that there are several essay topics which are cliche and overused. Even if you currently have a topic for your essay, it could be still insufficient for writing a great paper. Discover the ideal essay writing service you could possibly find.

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How to Write an Outline for a Research Paper Mla - the Story

How to Write an Outline for a Research Paper Mla - the Story The Unusual Secret of How to Write an Outline for a Research Paper Mla As a research paper is an enormous paperwork, you are going to have to make plenty of notecards. An outline is an excellent aid whenever you are attempting to amalgamate and assess the research paper, since it enables you to see certain links between different locations, whilst making sure you don't repeat yourself. In the event you need assistance with research paper outline or some help with academic writing, don't hesitate to use our expert services. Very good research paper's examples almost always concentrate on novel suggestions to address which will be of value in the area. The MLA research paper outline template is just one of the popular formats to be utilized in academic writing. You should begin with the thesis of the paper, and therefore do not begin using subheadings. In some instances where an outline is necessary, there ought to be a distinctive means of formatting it. Before you start flushing out your research paper outline template, think about the keywords which will help you gather a coherent introduction. Creating a research proposal can be a really challenging task as you've got to produce an original and distinctive idea. It requires a lot of time and that is why you should leave it to us so that you are left with time to prepare for your oral defense and depending on your academic level, read for your finals. To begin with, needless to say, you've got to pick out a thesis and research it well as a way to compose a great essay of any type. The thesis statement intends to reflect the principal idea of the research and to decide on a tone on what research is all about. Explain briefly the big points you want to cover in your paper and why readers ought to be interested in your topic. An incredible strategy to generate the webpage limit is definitely to argue three principal factors of roughly s ix paragraphs each day. You compose an outline to make sure you don't miss a few important thoughts and that everything is well-structured. Include all subtopics you're going to discuss, and make certain each has arguments and counterarguments to reflect your primary idea. You'll get a better idea about how you wish to begin, and can tie it to your conclusion. Once you have selected a topic then you need to search forinformation that may enhance your private opinion. Write the ending of the proposal. For a brief paper, of a few thousand words or less, an outline may not be vital. It is meant to help you establish a structure for a paper you are going to write. Be aware to prevent unnecessary embellishment. Thinking of keywords will allow you to plan along with the paper outline introduction, and will provide you more of an idea what things to write about. If you don't understand what things to do with them now and the way to use them for the paper, let us assist you. It is preferable to use complete sentence outline structure, if your paper needs to be formatted in MLA. When you have memorizedyour piece it's important to take into consideration how you would like to say it. An outline will help to figure out the way a student will build other essential sections including Literature Review. Students lead busy lives and frequently forget about a coming deadline. An outline is crucial when a student has to manage a concise assignment of 1000 words or less. If it's an entirely new job for you, it's fine to purchase research paper outline at PapersOwl. Utilize your outline for a guide to explore wherever your ideas take you. Outlines for various topics will differ, but the primary points and structure will stay similar. Finding out how to compose a comprehensive outline for a research paper is a more elaborate course of action.

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Mercantilism & economic school Essay Example for Free

Mercantilism economic school Essay Mercantilism was a dominant economic school on Europe in XVI-XVIII century. The theory suggests that the global turnover of international trade is constant and the prosperity of a nation depends on the government ability to support a positive balance of trade with other nations. Mercantilism considers economic assets as a set of stock including gold, silver and trade value (bullion). The way for the government to increase the capital is to intervene into economy through the system of tariffs and restrictions aimed on increase of export and decrease of import. There are several basic flaws in mercantilism. The first one is that is assumes that the turnover of international trade is stable. Thus, in case one state constantly benefits and another one constantly misses from trade the trade would very soon stop because the missing state would either become bankrupt or stop trading, leaving the advantageous state without income so both nations would loose. The second gap of mercantilism is that it does not consider costs of trade race. In case nations start to compete in increasing their export and reducing import this will cause them produce even the goods which are cheaper to buy in other countries. So, in case one nation would specialize in producing one commodity and other nation would produce another commodity, they would both benefit from exchanging those commodities. The third disadvantage of mercantilism is that it does not take into account the influence of gold on the financial system. Endless accumulation of gold and silver ruined the financial system of Spain in the XVII century, as the nation suffered from enormous inflation. The entire branches of home economy were ruined resulting in dramatic reduce of export and collapse of mercantilist economy. Absolute Advantage Theory Originally proposed by Adam Smith, this theory relies on the ability of one nation to produce commodities with fewer costs and exchange those commodities to the ones other countries produce at lower costs. The need for less resources to produce a particular good results in its lower and attractive price on the international market and allows nations to specialize in production of some exact commodities both for home market and export thusly reviving global economy. The first flaw of the absolute advantage theory is that it reviews isolated commodities. It says â€Å"in case we produce A better than another nation and another nation produces B better than we, so we would exchange†, but it does not consider relative expenses of such production. In his famous example with wine and wool produced by Portugal and Scotland Ricardo proved that although Portugal produced both with fever relative costs, it would be more advantageous for Portugal to produce only wine and let England produce wool to exchange for wine with Portugal as the relative expenses of production of wool in England are lower than of wine. The second gap of the theory is that it excludes countries which have no absolute advantage in any commodity out of global economy thus reducing the global turnover and excluding workers and financial resources of that nation out of global economy. In case this theory is applied, economy would turn into a club of nations which have certain absolute advantage in comparison to all other nations. Comparative Advantages Theory Originally proposed by David Ricardo, this theory suggests that every nation would benefit from production and export of only those goods and commodities which are produced with lower marginal costs than in other countries. Given that all the goods can be produced inside one country with an absolute advantage, this country would still benefit from import of goods which are produced with lower marginal costs in the other countries. The first remarkable disadvantage of the theory is that in case every nation would hypothetically specialize in only one commodity this would result in elimination of competition in production of this commodity and let the producing nation speculate. The lack of both home and international competition would make nation strive to reduce costs in production of this commodity reducing its quality. Other countries which are economically dependent on the import of this commodity would not be able to combat such a development. The second disadvantage which is especially obvious in the modern economy is that the relative advantages theory does considers only the flow of goods, but not capitals, investments and debts. For example, producing debts costs nothing, so it would be absolutely economically advantageous to produce debts. Yet this gives an advantage only for a very short term, while soon the nation would face a huge demand for currency to pay for the assets, and as a result the export would be ruined while the import would boost devastating the economic grounds for prosperity. The third gap is that short-term advantages can turn into long-term disadvantages. Sometimes it can be necessary for a nation to launch new industries which would become effective in a long term, so it has to give up on the comparative advantage theory to make profits in future. The Theory of Factor Endowment This is a mathematical theory of international trade proposed by Heckscher-Ohlin. Further developing Ricardo’s comparative advantage theory Heckscher-Ohlin offered to predict patterns of commerce based on endowments of a trading region. Comparative advantages are determined by the country’s funds like land, labor and natural resources. Assuming that both countries have equal technological development, each of them would benefit from trading goods requiring inputs of endowments that are locally abundant. For example, in case a nation has much land but little labor it would benefit from agricultural production. The flaws of the theory are as follows. First is that the states do not initiate trade as themselves, which is usually done by firms and corporations, and those firms strive to increase their benefit but not to make use of the factor endowment Secondly, the theory would work well in the conditions of a perfect competition that no nation ever has. The trading partners are never fully informed of the endowment factor of their vis-a-vis making it hard for them to determine the benefits of application of their own endowments. Thirdly, as the theory considers only funds, it does not look at the technological development which is never completely equal between various countries, as well as the theory does not consider the influence of organizational and management factors that can make a nation effective in production of a particular commodity even if the nation comparatively lacks endowment. Bibliography 1. Ball, Donald; McCulloh, Wendel, Geringer, Michael; Frantz, Paul; Minor, Michael. (2003). International Business: The Challenge of Global Competition. McGraw-Hill/Irwin; 9 edition. 2. Mankiw, Gregory N. (2006). Principles of Economics. South-Western College Pub; 4 edition 3. Buchholz, Todd G. (2007) New Ideas from Dead Economists: An Introduction to Modern Economic Thought Plume; Rev Upd edition

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The National Review Essay -- Magazine Conservative Essays

The National Review The National Review is a widely known classic conservative magazine. Founded in 1955 by William Buckley Jr., the magazine was the idea of William S. Schlamm, an Austrian Jewish immigrant. Buckley, a conservative, now serves as the chief editor for the magazine. The views expressed in the National Review generally follow the opinions of conservatives, who prefer current circumstances and only desire change in moderation. In the four consulted issues of the National Review evidence of its conservative nature can be found in the printed images, chief editor, section compiled by the editor, and articles published in the magazine. The political cartoons in the National Review provide evidence to the fact that it is a conservative magazine. A cartoon found in the July 23, 2001 issue displays a donkey about to be hit with a missile. The donkey, which symbolizes a Democrat, is saying, â€Å"Give me one good reason why I should support a missile defense system†¦Ã¢â‚¬ (44). Unlike the conservative’s beliefs of having a strong military and high government spending to support the military, Democrats, generally known as having liberal views, believe in pacifism. Thus, this cartoon is showing the stupidity of Democrats not supporting government spending for military even though a missile is headed right for them. By denouncing liberals this cartoon gives proof that the magazine is conservative. Another image that provides proof that the magazine is conservative is an advertisement found in the November 5, 2001 issue of the National Review. In large bold print at the top of the advertisement the words â€Å"What’s Wrong with This Picture?† sit above a picture of four liberals speaking at college campuses. These lib... ...s believe that marriage is defined as a union between a man and a woman. This would be a drastic measure to ban same-sex marriages in the United States. Thus, both of the articles contribute evidence to the fact that the National Review is a strongly conservative magazine. The National Review, a widely known conservative magazine, does not hide its conservative nature. It openly ridicules Democrats (liberals), such as President Clinton, and widely praises Republicans (conservatives), such as former President Bush. Most of the articles in the magazine are written about subjects that have two clearly defined political positions, liberal and conservative. These articles, as well as the images found in the magazine, explicitly show that the magazine is strongly conservative. The National Review is one of the best examples of a classic conservative magazine.